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So, I just looked at the calendar for March and I noticed I have six engagement sessions booked (For April) and not to mention I have received several e-mails from clients asking me for help!! “What are we to wear?? We have no idea where we want to shoot!!” “we are so lost”


They are like Erin, please help!


Ha ha! Ok, here is my best shot..


Lets start with Marie. It wasn’t long ago when we were planning their engagement session. I met Marie in person over her Christmas break and learned all about her and Bryan. Bryan just finished his PhD from Stanford and Marie is finishing  up hers now at Cal and they both love to read and hike. We weren’t sure where we were going to do the shoot but all I knew was that they needed to pick a location that was more suited towards them (just like all my couples). Of course, we could do the whole “city” engagement session thing. But, when I met Marie I saw a more country-ish type session…fields..walking..nature,love. I wanted her to look back at her engagement session in twenty years and think oh damn. I love this location, it really reminds me of this one time when I was a kid…etc etc*brings smiles*. Oh gee. Marie ended up picking the Danada house because her family has property on the other side and its just absolutely beautiful. It was really a perfect engagement session location for them.


In a nutshell, I want us to bring our heads together and think about a place that really speaks to you. Ok, maybe nothing pops up immediately.


How about we think of the things you love to do together and lets start there… I came up with a list of engagement session locations and ideas that inspire me and I hope it helps! Don’t be afraid to try something new and even experiment with some ideas! I mean who cares? If our idea doesn’t work we shall just scratch it! 😉 Lately, I have been thinking about really wanting to do a spring/RAINY engagement session. Where my couple is wearing a pair of rain boots and they play in puddles after the rain. It may sound silly or dumb to you now…but I swear I see it as possibly being something exceptionally awesome.. Just waiting on that one couple to try it out!


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Who doesn’t love scrabble?? Let’s play your favorite game?



Lets go hang out at an amusement park..if thats your thing. 😉


Serenade her with your musical abilities?

 (Photocredit) below

Cartwheels for happiness. I mean thats why we are here right? Documenting one of the best parts of your life.

 (Photocredit) below

Well, I love painting. I use to be a painter.  Painting and messiness and cuteness=awesome pics!

(Photocredit) below

Who doesn’t love a picnic?


We could go play a sport. Or pretend to.

(Photocredit) below

Don’t forget to show your sexy side. Because I know you have it. 😉

 (Photocredit) below

Bring me on your canoe, boat, yacht. Beg..Borrow..find one. Do what you’ve got to do to get it.:)

 (Photocredit) google

Did I mention..find a boat of some kind?

(Photocredit) below



MMM. Rain boots.

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